4 personalized, 1:1 transformational breathwork package

I am so excited to guide and hold space for you to breathe and connect deeper to yourself, whether you’re a beginner or experienced breathwork participant - I'm thrilled to be a part of your journey!

are you looking to..

  • Slow down and be present in the moment

  • Release anxiety and any other negative emotions

  • To connect deeper with yourself and your body

  • Heal on a cellular level

  • Find inner calmness and peace

  • Tap into the energy of what you're manifesting

You are here for a reason and you are exactly where you are meant to be.


Breathwork can be seen as an active meditation. The type of breathwork I facilitate is called Transformational Breathwork. This type of breathing is intended to clear out any stuck energy that is in your body, to tap into your intuition and truly leave you with a relaxed, transformational experience.

Every experience / session is different depending on the intention, breathing pattern and what you are currently experiencing in life. I am here to guide you, to clear out any thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns that no longer serve you from reaching your highest potential.


  • ✘ To feel lighter and free from emotions, beliefs that have been keeping you stuck

    ✘ Connected deeper to your body and your intuition. Giving you space to hear from your soul to build trust within yourself when making decisions in life confidently

    ✘ Breakthroughs upon breakthroughs, if there is healing to be done this is the space to process and release to make room for the new to come in

    ✘ Unleashing your power


  • ✘ Reduces stress and anxiety

    ✘ Connects you with your emotions, to feel, heal and release

    ✘ Revitalizes your organs

    ✘ Reduces toxins in your body

    ✘ Provides an energetic release

    ✘ Deepens your relationship to your body and self

    ✘ Feel more energized and mental clarity

    ✘ Gives you access to your higher power

    ✘ Releases emotions, trauma and energy that has been stuck in your body for years

    ✘ Tap into your intuition


This is a beginners first time experience package

if you are new to working with Tatiana.

The investment for a first time package is $333 for 4 sessions.
After the 4 initial sessions, you can choose between custom

packages that best fit your needs.

If you’re ready to experience the magic, book below!



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