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I have had the most amazing experience in working with Tatiana, and truly with my whole heart can say it's been the most transformative, positive experience and the bets decision I made. In working with you, I found me again. I found my happiness, I found my passion, I found my purpose, and I found myself. I overcame so many of the self limiting beliefs I was having that were getting in the way of my goals and limiting my potential, and I opened up a whole new world of showing myself what's possible.

I have had so many accomplishment with my time working with Tatiana - I left a toxic relationship, moved to my dream apartment, I had a shift in my business and brand which has allowed me to collaborate with 20+ brands, hit 100K on TikTok, gained 1300+ emails, restructuring my program offer and having the highest financial months to date! Also released all anxiety with flying!! 

I am an entirely new person, in every way possible. I feel so at ease and beyond confident in myself and my abilities, more than I ever have before.

Thank you times a million Tati, you're amazing,”

Courtney Hayes


After EYR I'm living my best life but with more mental freedom, and I feel way more capable of accomplishing what I set my mind to and all of my goals.

“I used to be the most judgmental and negative person I knew. I was certain the world was against me and that bad stuff would just keep happening to me. I started working with Tatiana when I learned more about trauma and how I had actually experienced a lot of it & when I felt like I had tried everything and nothing was helping me. I was having daily panic attacks, didn’t feel safe in my body and was always seeking outside validation to know I was ok. 

Since working with Tatiana, I no longer have panic attacks (thanks to her resources and her supporting me in doing the inner healing I needed to do), I’ve done so much internal healing that helped me heal physically and I now understand how my past was still showing up in my present. I now actually feel equipped to support myself and my body. And childhood stuff and mental health struggles aren’t easy to share with others but Tatiana is a judgment free zone and is so good at helping you realize what you need to heal and live your best life! Can’t recommend working with her enough!!!”

Leah Tang


Before EYR I used to get so stuck that I would go into what I’d call a “dark” place…..I haven’t been there since starting the program! That’s huge! And even when I have a bad day I’m able to pick myself up quickly instead of staying in that bad place. 

Now I feel like I’m Brittany again. I lost parts of myself along the way but I’m now tapped into who I truly am. I no longer feel the need to know how or when things will happen. I was able to learn that if you’re in alignment with your desires, knowing the specifics doesn’t matter. Everything I desire is on its way. 

Joining EYR was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m forever grateful for Tatiana and this community that I’ve been apart of. ❤️

Brittany Dupuis


This experience working with Tati has been one that has brought a lot of clarity and growth. It's allowed me to feel safe being vulnerable, to heal mentally and emotionally in different areas, to re-write how I speak to myself, and ultimately to write a new story for myself when I was at a place where I felt so low and stuck. I feel much more in control of my life, my business, and overall happiness, I feel like I'm finally in alignment with the person I want to become. I'm very very grateful for the experience!

Genelle Kraner


Working with Tatiana has had an extremely rewarding effect on me both personally and in business. My goals for growing my business are much more realistic and I feel more dedicated and focused.  I am more at ease, I have more control, and I  say no to things that are not a good fit for me. I am completely aligned with who I am as a CEO and my vision for success. Overall the experience for me was a 10/10. I accomplished way more than I ever knew I could in 3 months. Tatiana is calming, dedicated, and full of knowledge. She prepares you and guides you to your ultimate potential and I plan to work with her again in the future.

Megan Murphy


Embrace your Radiance has been a game changer in my life. I now see things completely different and feel like I was born again. I was able to improve not just physically but also and most importantly mentally and spiritually. Embarking on this journey was just the start of becoming the best version of me and like I said before this will be a never ending journey. I will continue to grow and pursuing my life purpose.

Milena Ruiz


This experience has helped embark on the path to become the person that I'm truly meant to be. It's amazing to know how powerful our thoughts are and how we can consistently work on them for our own benefit. I feel very self aware and am able to make better decisions for myself and my future, rather than just what's comfortable or convenient at the moment. I now know that I can truly have whatever I desire in life if I just believe in myself and do the work to attain it. I also know how to work through my struggles and get to the root of the problem. This also helps when I'm having an anxiety attack and can ask myself some questions and take actions to get myself out of it quicker than I was able to in the past. I have increased confidence. I was able to quit my job and finally start online coaching which is something that I wanted to do for years. I conquered big things that used to scare me in the past. I am on the path to becoming unapologetically me!

Amanda Turtorro

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