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My Story*

March 18, 20244 min read

My Story:

How I quit my corporate engineering job, started a business, build self love & confidence to create my dream life!

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my story

Hi welcome to my blog, my name is Tatiana!

I’m a crazy little Latina who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and am now living my best life in beautiful South Florida being a; business owner, NLP master mindset coach, breathwork facilitator, content creator and host to The Radiant Life® Podcast - but it wasn’t always this glamorous.

I grew up struggling with my mindset, belief in myself to follow my dreams and it led me to battle anxiety, depression and getting an engineering degree that I hated. All to fit in, to do what I was told to be 'successful', when in reality I was miserable.

This mindset and way of being started at a very young age. My entire life I struggled with my weight, body image issues, I was bullied, I had a horrible negative mindset, felt stuck following societal norms and was constantly seeking external sources to find happiness and love when it was within me all along.

So how / when did I make a positive in myself and my life to be where I am at now?

In 2016 I made the commitment to myself to heal my relationship with food and my body, to become more positive and discover who I truly am to be able to feel happy and fulfilled. I joined a challenge at my gym, started to learn all about macros and weight lifting and it worked. I started to notice a difference in my body, my mood, my mindset. I was feeling happier, more confident, proud of myself for once. This was a snowball effect, I became obsessed with taking control of my life and I dove deeper into discovering who I truly was and what I wanted in life.

➡️ During that time I realized what it felt like to be passionate about something, so I decided to study and become a personal trainer. I would work at my local gym part time after work to dip my feet into the industry - it was the first time I truly began to believe I could make a change in my life + career!

In 2018 is when EVERYTHING changed for me.

Within 4 weeks I quit my corporate engineering job, moved to Florida and invested $6K in a 3 month business program with hopes to pursue my passion. There I started my business in helping women reach their dream health goals with food freedom - to end diets and heal their relationships with food and themselves. Just like I had done for myself.

Here's a picture of 2018 motivated me, ready to embark a journey of a lifetime!


Since starting my business, I dove deeper within myself and became obsessed with the subconscious mind, personal development and the energetics of manifestation. To be frank, starting a business is the biggest personal development journey you'll ever experience. It's not always easy but if you do the work and show up - it's worth it!

I had lots of limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears and doubts I needed to work through, and I did!

As I did my own work, I realized I had an even bigger passion with the mind - so in 2020 I made a shift in my business. I started my journey with learning & getting certified in NLP (neuro-linguistics programming) aka the language of the subconscious mind. To learn how to reprogram yourself for the better so you can reach your potential and become who you know you truly are!

This work lights my soul on fire, to be able to help others is the biggest blessing. And it has encouraged me to always be a student, which has led me to deepen my work, becoming a trauma informed breathwork facilitator all to better support my clients and community.

Because of the inner work I have done, it has led me to achieve all that I have in my life today - I have never felt more aligned, fulfilled and happy in every area of my life and I am here to show YOU how you can have it all too!!

Life is short and it’s meant to be lived to the fullest!

Now, my purpose has evolved into something way more than finding myself and helping women reach their health goals. I know I was put on this earth to help women uncover who they truly are, to ignite their passions so they can step into their true power and reach their fullest potential!

I’m all about empowering YOU to create and live your best life possible because your heart's desires are meant to become your reality! ​

I am so excited to have you here!

Please stay connected with my on my social platforms and podcast (linked below)

Remember you are here for a reason, you have gifts to be unlocked and a purpose to fulfill and there is so much more to come! ✨




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